The ACTL Pipeline Project

| Community Benefits

Sustain Robust Economy

By providing a solution to CO2 emissions, the ACTL will contribute to the sustained prosperity of carbon emitting industries so that they may remain competitive on the international market. In addition, the ACTL will offer tremendous benefits through Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) which has the potential to recover more than one billion barrels of oil translating into more than $15 billion in royalties to the Province. The sustainable and growing incremental EOR production and continued oil sands development will help Alberta remain a competitive destination for energy investment.

Construction of the pipeline will create 2,000 direct jobs and approximately 8,000 indirect employment opportunities. These jobs will be heavily concentrated in rural Alberta and offer an economic lifeline for these communities.

Environmentally Responsible Energy Production

The ACTL is a significant investment in the environment. Because the project will physically withdraw carbon from the emission stream, it will make a meaningful impact on reducing carbon emissions, diminishing the environmental footprint of the industry in Alberta. In fact, captured emissions from the ACTL will be the equivalent of removing 2.6 million cars off the road in Alberta annually - about a third of all registered vehicles in the Province. In addition, the production of oil through enhanced oil recovery is a carbon efficient process that will provide a clean-energy supply. This will help to balance future energy needs while making a significant contribution to meeting Alberta's and Canada's emission reduction targets.

Global Leadership in Carbon-Efficient Fossil Fuel Recovery

Alberta is one of the first places in the world to actively move towards decreased carbon emissions through its support of substantial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects. Through such projects as the ACTL, Alberta is creating the blueprint for addressing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the world. The skill and technology used for the development and implementation of CCS projects will be exportable worldwide as Alberta proves successful in greening the fossil fuel sector.